Research Development Team

The National Capital Region Research Development Team (RDT) works with faculty, departments, colleges, research centers and institutes, and administration across the university to identify and secure large research grants and contracts in strategic areas of interest. The team's responsibilities are to:

  • Interface with key government agencies, companies and non-profit organizations to help establish Virginia Tech as a key contributor to their research priorities;
  • conduct workshops and meetings with key collaborators and potential sponsors on emerging topics of interest;
  • identify and impact new funding opportunities for Virginia Tech research as early in the program development cycle as possible;
  • work with university faculty and administrators to develop broad university strategies for research growth in strategic areas of interest, along with agency specific strategies;
  • support Virginia Tech faculty and research organizations in the development of major research proposals;
  • develop collaborations with national and international partners to support major research proposal activities;
  • work with government relations staff at Virginia Tech when state legislature and federal congressional delegation support is important; and
  • work with the office of the Vice-President of Research to ensure seamless coordination between the Blacksburg campus and the National Capital Region.

The RDT is organized around several research area leaders. Each leader is responsible for a particular strategic research area and/or agencies.

Research Development Team Members

Office of Sponsored Programs

The Virginia Tech Office of Sponsored Programs supports proposal development in the National Capital Region with a dedicated Senior Pre-Award Administrator based in the NCR.