Internship Programs

Virginia Tech believes that skill and preparation come when theory and practice meet. Our location in the National Capital Region (NCR) provides us access to engage public, private, and non-profit organizations in projects of national and international scope. As our relationships with these sectors deepen, we recognize the opportunity to facilitate this meeting of theory and practice to the benefit of our students and our partners: students practiced and experienced; organizations living and implementing their organizational missions.

With this in mind, the Virginia Tech Research Center-Arlington has inaugurated an internship program to connect students to the myriad of opportunities in the NCR. Our initiative is an extension of the well-established program in Blacksburg and serves to expand Virginia Tech’s reach into the community. We hope you will find it a valuable source.


If you are a VT student in good standing and are interested in an internship in the NCR, visit the Career Services page to search listings and post your resume. Make sure your resume is ready to be viewed by an employer. To ensure against errors, we encourage you to spend the time to have someone review it. Remember, you are competing against some of the best and brightest from your own university!


We thank our many partners who have previously employed Virginia Tech students and welcome you back. We also look forward to building relationships with new partners and encourage you to take some time to learn more about our program. Virginia Tech Career Services has serveral services available for employers. In an effort to support your intern needs, we invite you to submit the following to this web site:

  • Position Description-including whether the internship is a paid or non-paid opportunity
  • Work Location-including directions/public transit accessibility
  • Work Hours
  • Length of Internship
  • Intern Position Point of Contact
  • Deadline for Filling Intern Position

We look forward to working with you to build the skill and preparation of our students and your future workforce!

If you have questions about this internship program, please contact Dr. Andrea Morris.


Resources for Interns