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Kevin Desouza, director of Metropolitan Institute, authors new book
on intrapreneurship

Bridging academia and the corporate world, Kevin Desouza, director of the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech, has written a recently published book looking at the critical role of ideas in the success of any new venture. Intrapreneurship, published by the University of Toronto Press, provides an engaging guide for managers and employees, as well as academics and staffers, on how to direct the flow of ideas and foster a culture of entrepreneurship within their existing structure.

Based on his research and experience consulting with thirty global organizations, Desouza outlines ways to mobilize all types of ideas, from radical thinking to incremental innovations. With practical frameworks and real life examples, Intrapreneurship helps identify the value in ideas and how to leverage them to ultimately benefit an organization.

This book has received acclaim from a number of scholars and practitioners. Following are two examples:

Intrapreneurship offers a fresh and timely perspective on how to harness — and not kill — the power of innovation that exists inside every organization — including nonprofits. In his book, Desouza masterfully weaves academic research together with real life stories across industries to show us how to foster innovation and turn the best ideas into reality. His fusion of innovation and implementation into a single, pragmatic intrapreneurship framework is where the magic happens. This book is a must read for employees and leadership alike whether you are trying to increase profits, save the world, or both.‘ Neal Myrick, Director, Groundwire

Kevin Desouza

‘As competition intensifies globally, no corporation can afford to ignore the potential of corporate entrepreneurs, or “intrapreneurs,” to drive growth and continual renewal. Kevin C. Desouza provides a new look and important contribution to the field of innovation, and he does so in a way that should be of keen interest to executives, intrapreneurs, and aspiring intrapreneurs across industries. Not only does Desouza explore new territory, he does so in a highly readable, applied manner drawing from both research and practice. Intrapreneurship will enable employees and managers to overcome typical, and costly, roadblocks faced when transforming ideas into commercially viable products and services.‘ Robert Wolcott, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation Network, Northwestern University

Desouza was named director of the Metropolitan Institute in August 2011. Previously, he was associate professor at the University of Washington’s Information School and has also held adjunct appointments in the university’s College of Engineering and at the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs.

Desouza’s work is internationally recognized and he has conducted research and lectured across the world. He holds a visiting professorship at the University of Ljubljana and has held past appointments at the Center for International Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, among others.

Posted 2/2/2012