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Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) offers two programs in the National Capital Region: a master's degree program (51-54 semester hours) and a non-degree post master's certificate (21 semester hours). Students in the two programs take courses and clinical training together. The MFT program in Northern Virginia is noted for a strong focus on both academics and training. In the onsite clinic (Center for Family Services in Falls Church), students provide therapy while working closely with supervisors who are experienced community professionals.

There are 40-45 active students in the two programs combined. About half are full- time students; others choose to fulfill program requirements at a slower pace because of work or family commitments. Class size varies from 10 to 25, leaving ample room for interaction with fellow students and instructors.

Students may also take up to 12 semester hours of select MFT courses as part of Virginia Tech's Commonweath Campus initiative, which allows students to enroll and take classes in Falls Church or Alexandria without being formally admitted to a degree program. This allows an opportunity to take advantage of specialized graduate coursework in a more flexible manner.

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