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The Washington Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC) has been functioning as the urban extension of the School of Architecture + Design in the National Capital Region since 1980. Since 1985 the WAAC has also housed a consortium of national and international architectural schools.

The WAAC grants degrees in the M.Arch.1 program for those students with a five-year professional degree, and the M.Arch.2 program for students with a four-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree. M.Arch.3 students are able to attend the WAAC during their thesis level of study after having completed their first two years at the main campus in Blacksburg, Virginia.

The WAAC also offers a Master of Landscape Architecture degree as a three year program for individuals with a baccalaureate degree background.

Students interested in a degree in Urban Design can apply through the Master of Science in Architecture. The Urban Design concentration requires 3-4 semesters of study with a background in design; students without a design background can enter the program after a foundation year in the Landscape program.

A Ph.D. in Architecture and Design Research is available to qualified candidates.

The many architectural firms in the area provide opportunities for paid office internship to students of the WAAC, and class schedules are arranged to facilitate up to twenty hours of professional work weekly, while remaining academically at full time.

The WAAC is committed to individual professional growth through the design process as revealed and validated by the produced work. It has faith in the value of design elements synthesized through both reason and intuition. It honors research leading to codified objective knowledge in an evolutionary process of reconsideration and representation. Construction and Design are inclusive of all cultures, originating in the common unity of the human condition, and like all endeavors, are the product of desire and reason, of dream and detail.

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